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("The service") International Transports and Goods Stock Exchange ECARGOTRANS.COM, administered and owned by TRANSCARGO INTER SRL, is offered to you by the terms and conditions specified by this mutual agreement. This service, as it is, can be accessed through the web address:


A user agreement should describe both who may use the website and permitted uses, such as the following:
The user is over 18.
The user is truthful in the information disclosed on the website and agrees to what he/she is buying and pays for it.
The user agrees not to reverse engineer, neither to break into the site, nor to use the website materials, products or services for illegal purposes.
The user agrees to use the website as per instructions, not to disclose personal password, and agrees that the website has a license for use of anything the user submits or posts on the website.
The use of the website content is at discretion of the company and any use by anyone may be terminated by the company at any time.

The user agreement also limits the liability of the company for damages of any kind, regarding the use of the website, errors on the website, viruses on the website or products, failures on website content, third party links, and any purchase or service.

The user agreement requires that the user indemnify the company for any claims resulting from a wrongfully use. This means that if the company is sued due a user`s actions, the company has a legal remedy to sue the user and require the user to pay for any costs that the company is forced to pay from such a claim.
Any kind of communication, any transaction and information used through this service will be governed by these terms and conditions as representing THE FULL, EXCLUSIVE AND FINAL AGREEMENT between you and TRANSCARGO INTER SRL.
TRANSCARGO INTER SRL solely has the right to modify, to delete, and to renew these terms and conditions at any moment without prior notice. TRANSCARGO INTER SRL solely has the right to amend, to add or to delete any aspect of the Service at any time without prior notice. These changes will be applied when they will be published on this webpage. If the user continues to use this service after the changes were applied, it means that the user read and understood these changes and agreed with them.

ECARGOTRANS.COM is an international stock exchange market of goods and transports that uses the internet. It creates connections between transport and logistics companies and companies that require these services. Its main purpose is to help our members in having better solutions to their problems and solving them more easily.
This international stock exchange market of goods and transports has many services for many types of transport. The user selects the types of services that will use. These services are paid through bank transfer, using the account numbers that are written on the pro-forma invoice. The pro-forma invoice is sent automatically to the user`s e-mail when the request is acknowledged and submitted.
The registration steps are as follows:
(1) Fulfillment of the registration form;
(2) Choose the services that you want to use, from 3 to 12 months; As many services you choose the bigger is the discount (10-30%);
(3) Fulfillment of the form with the private details about your company for billing purposes;
(4) Confirmation of your registration; you can choose here to view the invoice that you`ll receive and you can print it.

After registration the user has a 10 days payout deadline, measured from the day of the invoice transmission. If the user doesn`t make the payout of the invoice, the user`s account will be put on the waiting list. If the user makes the invoice payout after the 10 days deadline, meaning a maximum of 20 days from the day of the invoice transmission, the user`s account will be activated and will become usable. If the user doesn`t make the invoice payout even after 20 days from the day of the invoice transmission, the user`s account will be deleted.
The invoice payout can be made through bank transfer using the given accounts that are written on the invoice. The payout will be in Lei (RO), Euro (EU).

The private information that the user will give is safe with us. TRANSCARGO INTER SRL will make anything we can to protect your private information from unauthorized access and not to make them available for publishing. You agree that TRANSCARGO INTER SRL has the solely right to monitor the progress of the services that it offers. TRANSCARGO INTER SRL has the right to reveal any information to abide by the law, regulations or other governmental requests, to manage accordingly its services or to protect itself or its members. TRANSCARGO INTER SRL has the solely right to reject or to delete any published material that doesn`t correspond to it`s demand or that can be interpreted as being unsuited for publishing.

We request that every user will choose a username and password, that will be chosen when the user registers. That information will be required for accessing the members` area. The user is responsible for the security of the member account, and is responsible for any activity that takes place or taxes that can appear during the account`s use. The user can modify the password and the information about your company at any moment. The user agrees that must announce immediately TRANSCARGO INTER SRL of unauthorized, wrong or illegal use of the user`s account, or if anything wrong happens, for example a security breach. The user`s solely responsible for using the e-mail that was declared in the registration form, and to modify it if the user`s using another valid e-mail. The user`s solely responsible for the taxes that appear as demands that were sent to a wrong or not a valid e-mail address. TRANSCARGO INTER SRL is not responsible for any kind of losses, damages, law suits, expenses, trials, awards, penalties or taxes that were generated by not abiding to the present terms and conditions. The user`s the solely responsible for reading and understanding the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE PRESENT AGREEMENT and understanding that the usage of the ECARGOTRANS.COM services abides to these terms and conditions. The user agrees to be fully responsible for the use of the services by any authorized user and for any consequence that can result from a wrong usage of the services or by violation of the agreement by such a person.

ECARGOTRANS.COM is an online stock exchange market of goods and transports that creates connections between transport and logistics companies and companies that require these services. We do not guarantee the quality, responsibility or accuracy of the user`s information and the services that they offer. We try to make anything that stands in our power to verify the information given by our users when they register. We can`t prevent the users from giving false information or from acting wrongfully. Every user must act honestly and ethically when using the services that are provided. We encourage our users to stay in touch with each other, respecting the principles of good sense and prudence. It is the user`s responsibility to evaluate the trust and accuracy of every guarantee forms offered by other users. It is the user`s responsibility to register and maintain a good company profile, using real information, thereby all other users will get precise information through ECARGOTRANS.COM. This service and the information that are shown on this website are given as they are, and the use of this service is made on the users own risk. As long as the laws permit it, TRANSCARGO INTER SRL derogates from the assumption of any special or internal guarantee.
TRANSCARGO INTER SRL does not offer any kind of guarantee that:
- the service will correspond to your demands;
- the service will be flawless;
- the results of the use of these services will be in concordance with your specified goals;
- the quality of any logistic solution as a result of the use of these services will correspond to your demands;
- any other errors of the services will be corrected.
It will not represent a guarantee any kind of advice or information obtained, in a written or spoken form, from TRANSCARGO INTER SRL if it isn`t mentioned in the present agreement.

TRANSCARGO INTER SRL will make any reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy and the trust in the present website, and we will try to correct the errors and the missing information as soon as possible. Regarding the last sentence TRANS CARGO INTER isn`t responsible for the mistakes, errors, or missing information among the information that the users published on this website. The users must agree that TRANSCARGO INTER SRL will not be held responsible for any kind of directly, indirectly, minor, special, major or incidentally damages, including and not limiting to loss of profit commercial or other intangible losses, resulting from the: use of this services, transactions between users fulfilled through ECARGOTRANS.COM, these services or any other aspect related to the website.
The user agrees to protect and to assure TRANSCARGO INTER SRL and it`s operators, directors, employees, branches and their representatives against any legal claims, law suits, requirements, losses, damages, costs (including, without any kind of limitation, the lawyer`s fee), expenses, trials, decisions, fines, renewals or any other resulting duties or regarding any other law suit, started by you or by another person about the use of these services, transactions between the users of the services that are offered through ECARGOTRANS.COM or any other aspect that is website related.

This agreement becomes active from the moment the user accepts it until is canceled by you or by TRANSCARGO INTER SRL. This agreement ceases to be active after a 30 days period that starts from the moment that the user sends the cessation notification through e-mail at or through fax at 0040-362814069. TRANSCARGO INTER SRL can suspend or interrupt the use of these services without prior notice if TRANSCARGO INTER SRL considers that the user violated or didn`t respect the conditions and terms of this agreement. The user agrees that TRANSCARGO INTER SRL will not be held responsible for any cessation to the services by any of the users.

The information that is published on this site is protected by law, through copyright. The users are authorized to copy or to imprint the content of the pages or documents that are published on the ECARGOTRANS.COM website, but can`t use them in commercial purposes and distribute them to others. The users must always specify the source (ECARGOTRANS.COM) of the materials and documents that they use.

2006 TRANSCARGO INTER. All rights reserved. The LOGO ECARGOTRANS.COM and the website ECARGOTRAN.COM are registered trademarks of TRANSCARGO INTER. The web design, titles, services, words or expressions that are used on the website are the sole propriety of TRANSCARGO INTER SRL. Nobody can publish, or copy anything from this website without written permission of TRANSCARGO INTER SRL. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.

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